December 21, 2009

How I (Almost) Made Something

Well, I didn't use my blog to publish my homework from How to Make (Almost) Anything, as I mentioned earlier. Instead, I published my homework locally on the class website. I'll be sharing my work in greater detail in late January as I tie up some loose ends.

It was an amazing class: intense, but very worthwhile. I'm amazed by how much I've learned about about microcontroller assembly programming, basic sensor operation, low-cost digital networking, computer-controlled milling, making composite structures, molding and casting, 3D scanning and debugging electronic hardware in general. The class has enabled me to create a whole new category of things that I wasn't capable of before. Like Neil said to us at the end of the course: "You're now half-way through the class."

Stay tuned.


Gwen said...

Congrats are long overdue and happy holidays, Ian! It puts a smile on my face whenever I think of you in Boston. Me, well, I'll be moving to Berlin in the Spring. That'll put a smile on my face, too! Warmest regards from Isabelle, Isaac, and me... Gwen

Ian Wojtowicz said...

Hey stranger. Good to hear from you. I suppose you can be forgiven for moving to Berlin, since you're just that much closer to Warsaw and Krakow now.

Let me know next time you're nearby. It would be great to see you.