October 29, 2010

Dershowitz-Chomsky Debate on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In looking for examples of strong and articulate voices that challenge Noam Chomsky's positions on Israeli and American politics, I came across this debate from 2005 at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government:

I am interested in reading and listening to other such examples.

Chomsky's parrhesiastic speech is undoubtedly important, but as Chantal Mouffe writes, good agonistic democracy appears through the free expression of adversarial positions. It seems to me that Chomsky rarely speaks in amongst others who can provide a strong response or criticism to what he says, therefore it is all too easy to either accept or reject his ideas, wholesale, instead of engaging with them in detail and building something new from them.

If you have any other suggestions for texts which engage directly and critically with Chomsky's writings or speeches, I would be very interested in hearing from you. For example, I'm curious to hear about people who have taken up his repeated challenge to check his sources.

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