March 6, 2014

The Most Awesome Moment in Science Fiction

The most awesome moment in science fiction: the scene in JJ Abrams's Star Trek when Kirk drives his motorcycle up to the Star Fleet ship yard, witnessing the Enterprise under construction.

It was a great moment of optimism, purpose and awe. In this future, the earth is beautiful and plentiful; the family farm seems to be alive and well; and the world's most advanced technology appears nestled within a vast, open and productive countryside. All is well.

It is thanks to the landscape that the hardware seems so awesome.

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A. E. Oglesby said...

Hello,Of all forms of literature,science fiction is the main that arrangements principally with change,routinely painting it story against the bright background of an alternate society –be it on Mars,post apocalyptic earth or other planet, or amongst the legendary worlds.Despite the fact that there are unlimited potential outcomes accessible to write about,they all make them thin in like manner; that being that the worlds they portray are similar to the at this very moment and that they are on the precarious edge of progress.Best wishes.